She who makes a beast of herself

Hey everyone,

Got some great feedback on the last blog post...sounds like the people want more!  

One of the defining parts of every highschool-themed movie is the idea of "cliques". All the classics: you have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, and so on. A world where, if you act a certain way, or like a certain thing, you automatically occupy a very specific personality in someone's mind. And, importantly, that's the personality you're stuck with for the rest of the story. While it can be warm and nostalgic to look back on those days (Breakfast Club re-runs, anyone?), the scary thing is that most people never grow out of that mentality. People will ALWAYS try to put you in some neat and tidy box. If they're only used to seeing you in heels, it's jarring for them to see you step in the ring. We need to smash these clean boxes; it's totally okay — and healthy! — to have multiple competing versions of yourself. You should be able to be a Princess in a ball gown one night and a fighter in a rashguard the next. And that's why we find so much freedom in martial arts: only she who makes a beast of herself gets rid of the limits of being human.

There's a reason it's "a beauty AND a beast"...

Until next time,

- Heather

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