The woman in the ring

Hey everyone,

Heather here from No Prince Charming. This was originally sent via email (make sure you sign up to our newsletter to receive more of these!), but I thought I'd start up a blog so these short notes have a permanent home to live, too. I've been itching to do some more long form writing lately...hope it's okay to share it with y'all!

One of my major goals for the last few months has been to not be a spectator. It's so tempting to watch incredible people from afar and convince yourself that life will start once "X thing" happens. I'll start working out once the new year hits...I'll take my first boxing class after I lose some weight...I'll attempt my first competition after I get my blue belt. But that sort of passive mentality just totally ignores the fact that we're always living. We should always be fighting towards something; an arbitrary date on a calendar or permission from someone else doesn't magically set our gears in motion. We're nothing but a sum of the things that we do every day. Fighting toward something is in our DNA; whether that's fighting expectations, doubters, or old versions of ourselves. I'm always trying to remind myself that there's no glory in being a spectator; the risks of action can be high —injuries, embarassment, wounded pride — and the risks of inaction seem tame in comparison — boredom, intertia.  But, ultimately, only the women actually willing to step into the ring and do something will make a difference. Everyone else is just waiting to be saved.

And, as you all well know by now, in this story the "Princess" saves herself.

- Heather

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