5 Reasons Why We Need New Fairytales

"Outgrowing glass slippers, and moving on to bigger things: shattering glass ceilings"


1. You can be a beauty AND a beast

Never let them put you in a box. Whether you're on your way to a boxing class or dolling yourself up for a night out—you can be a beauty AND a beast. 

2. Our daughters deserve better

Growing up, it was like we were taught to sit pretty and quiet while Prince Charming swept in to be the hero of the story. Whether it was Dad, or a brother, or a boyfriend...all our lives we were told that *someone else* would save us if we ever needed it. 

But we know better: in the stories that WE tell, the "Princess"  can just save herself.

3. No one's coming to save us

In this story, the "Princess" saves herself. A portion of all proceeds go towards Peace Over Violence—a non profit that support self defense training for at-risk women.

4. Being shy is so 1950

All of the gym clothing marketing to women is the same: bland pastel sports bras and leggings. Our "Princess" collection is bold, loud, and designed to look as badass as you feel.

5. 1000s of happy customers

Over 10,000+ women from all walks of life—boxers, weightlifters, mothers, professionals—have joined the No Prince Charming sisterhood.

Ready to join our  Sisterhood?

The future is female, and it's filled with fighters.