Fight like a girl

Hey everyone,

It warms our hearts to see No Prince Charming's community of martial artists growing—all of us "fighting like girls", to wink at that old school playground insult. But we can do more! If we only design gear for women who already train a martial art, that means we're failing at our dream mission of helping more women pick up a martial art. Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing; whichever sport you choose, we're confident that it'll be a vehicle for transforming your life. 

For me, even if you discount the self defense, the fitness, or the community, Jiu Jitsu reminded me how to play. For years I only had two modes of living: working until burnout, or being mindlessly trapped in the toxic sludge of TikTok/Instagram. Getting on the mats for the first time was like flipping through radio static until suddenly—life. Something tangible to focus on. Some primal instinct that let me forget everything else except the person in front of me. With a training partner that I trust and a gym that supports me, Jiu Jitsu taught me that life shouldn't just be work and scrolling: it's supposed to be fun. 

- Heather

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